Robert Eckardt, Michael Mauldin, Greg Sadlek, Ozen Yula, Ronn Richard, and Raymond Bobgan

We Will Be Changed

Scholars, Students and Suits mingled with artists last evening at a reception hosted by Cleveland State University to welcome Turkish playwright and director Özen Yula. Mr. Yula is here through the auspices of the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion, a unique grants program that... More


Size Matters

I’ve been reading and writing a lot about sustainability in the arts recently. This includes the sustainability of Cleveland’s arts sector as a whole and of individual organizations.  But what does sustainability mean? At face value it seems to imply that anything that currently... More


FourSquare: Stepping Up Your Game By Exploring Cleveland

My penchant for technology – especially new ways to connect and to share information – received a boost this fall. For those willing to try it out, it just might change the way you interact with Cleveland. FourSquare is a location-based social networking program. It’s also a game... More